Scott and I moved to Council Bluffs in the summer of 1998.  Soon after we got there, we adopted two little White German Shepherd puppies, Travis and his sister Savannah.  Travis was also known, along with Savannah as “Monsters” or just “Monster”.  Until recently, White German Shepherds were not accepted as a breed by the American Kennel Club.  They are now considered a breed of their own, the American White Shepherd, also known as the American-Canadian White Shepherd.  Watching them grow up was such a joy and the two developed the sweetest natures.  They became watchdogs to our little family, though were really not aggressive by nature.  When danger was near, however, they could be a formidable team.  In 2000, Travis began exhibiting idiopathic epilepsy.  For three years, we struggled to control the seizures with Phenobarbitol and Potassium Bromide.  In January, 2004, we lost our battle with this cursed affliction.  Travis went to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.


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