Savannah was Travis’s sister, the other “Monster”. She shared companionship with Pam. She was virtually inseparable from Pam, and helped Pam in her daily life. She also was a good sister to Travis, and often would keep him company during his post-ictal periods… those periods after seizures when Travis would be exhausted and disoriented. She also was a great body-guard to Travis. When he was down and defenseless, no one but Scott, me, Pam and Gary could approach him. The cats learned to stay away as did Lacy! Alas, she was also a very headstrong girl, who wanted to wander. One night she got outside in the front yard without a leash, and dashed in front of a car. Though not obviously injured, we later learned her bowels were perforated and by the time we got her to the ER 12 miles away, she was very sick. In spite of the valiant efforts of Omaha’s finest ER Vets, Savannah preceded her brother to the Bridge.


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