PC Kitty

This Blue Point Siamese picked us. His name is Pussy Cat, aka PC, aka Pieces, and recently, aka Gray One. Scott and I got this cat in August 1997, our first fur-companion. We’d seen a segment on a local news show about animals needing adoption at the Nebraska Humane Society. A cute little black and white caught our eyes. Such a friendly, playful little boy. We decided to go see him. Well, when we got there and they opened his cage, he wanted nothing to do with us! He seemed sickly. A gray kitty, however, made a bee-line for us, and just covered us with purrs and nudges. He made it pretty obvious we were the companions for HIM! When we got him home, he immediately jumped out of his crate and settled in to his new abode. He soon made it clear that now that he was home, the less we tried to interact with him the happier we’d all be! He did insist on getting into bed with us. PC joined Travis and Savannah at the Rainbow Bridge on 1/7/2006.  We’re going to miss this little fur-critter!


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