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Ixchel is the newest addition to our family.  In August, 2011, I had a conversation with our friends Juline & Cindy about their new Dachshund puppy, Grace.  They told me that the family they got her from was not going to be having any additional litters.  Unbeknownst to my friends, at the time we were having this conversation, 600 miles away that family was indeed having another litter!

On our return to Omaha, Juline learned of this, and called me.  We immediately ran over to the house where the litter had been born.  I held all 5 puppies, just 3 days old, in the palm of my hand!  Scott picked this little black and tan girl, the most adorable of them all, and the runt of the litter.  A week later, we received another call… the pups were all in the process of opening their eyes.  So again we dashed over to the house.  The first thing this puppy saw when she opened her eyes was her new daddy, Scott.

Scott named her Ixchel, a Mayan goddess, variously attributed with the “goddess of summer”, “goddess of childbirth”, “goddess of war”, even the “goddess of the color red”.  She came to us at the height of summer.

And she has wormed her way into my heart… I, a confirmed “big dog” lover, now can’t imagine not having a Dachshund in my life.

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