Times They Are A-Changin’

When last I wrote, I had serious doubts about being able to walk 1900 miles in 2017.  But that was still my goal.  And then, February hit.

On February 8, Scott took me to the ER due to serious coughing… to the point I could not get any air in my lungs.  I was admitted that night (well, after about 8 hours in the ER).  The diagnosis was pneumonia.  I remained hospitalized until Sunday, the 12th when they sent me home.

That week, I continued to feel better day by day.  On Thursday I went to see a doctor about a different concern, but the coughing was coming back.  He told me to get well, and we’d deal with the other issue once I had gotten better, so, in May.

By Saturday, the coughing had again gotten so bad that Scott took me to the ER.  Again, after 8 hours or so in the ER, I was admitted.  This time we knew more about the pneumonia.  I had, I was told, an atypical, fungal pneumonia.  This time, I was in the hospital for 12 days, released on 3/1/17.

I had a week of home health care and have an oxygen concentrator.  Within a week, I had weaned myself off most of the oxygen, except at night.

On the 13th I returned to work, Part time.  But that only lasted until Wednesday when I developed a high fever.  So, I am now down for the count again… the fever is dropping, finally below 100.  The coughing has returned, but this is a different coughing.  It would seem my body is trying to hack out the buildup of mucus in my lungs, so it’s good.  It has caused my oxygen levels to drop again, so I’m using the concentrator again.

It would seem that, as a result of January’s infections and February’s pneumonia, my immune system is seriously depleted.  I can barely walk a quarter of a mile at a time (the distance to the dog park, here at Trails West.)

I’ve been told I’m going to be battling various opportunistic illnesses for the next few months, and that it may be September before I can even walk a mile again.

I think I’m going to shoot for 750 miles for 2017.  And I may not even make that!


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