Wednesday Anecdote

Just a short little anecdote this morning to pass the time.

In my previous post, I mentioned the great luck I have been having with getting my blood sugar levels and my weight under control.  I said, I believe, that I had purchase two new pair of jeans, waist 38.

So over the past few days, I’ve noticed my jeans are getting big again.  I had quite honestly thought it unlikely I would ever be able to get down to a size 36.  But over the past three days I have begun to reconsider that.

This morning, I was stunned by just how loose my jeans have become.  I felt a certain euphoria realizing it’s time to purchase new jeans!

And then I took a closer look.  Somehow, I managed to put on a pair of my older size 40s.

Such a crushing realization.  Finding a pair of the 38s, I put them on.  Yes.  Still loose!



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