May I brag?

Since I last wrote, there have been a few minor changes here.

The first is, so far my attempt to lower my blood sugar appears to be a resounding success. The elimination (or near elimination) of bread and other starches from my diet means I have lost weight. And, my daily blood sugars are hovering between 95 and 140. The 95 is the lowest my sugar has been in the morning. And the 140 is the highest it’s been within 2 hours of eating.

If I can keep this up for just 2 more months, my A1c should be close to acceptable (6.5%), probably better!

Since beginning this new way of life, I have gone from 219 pounds down to… could I have a drum roll, please? Yup, it’s THAT good! Yesterday morning I broke through that 200 mark, and weighed in at 199.4. I am totally psyched.

But, even better than that, 2 weeks ago, I purchased two new pair of jeans for work, waist 38! I’ve not been able to fit 38s for I couldn’t tell you how many years. Probably since 2000. But, there’s MORE! Yes, more! I am dangerously close, already, to having to buy MORE new jeans. And if I do, I’ve not fit into a size 36 since before 1994!

I was going to show you but… well, I don’t do selfies very well. I’m blond, wearing a white shirt in an office with white walls. And one eye is a little wonky, makes me look either like I’m winking (I’m not) or have just had a stroke. Oh, and I haven’t shaved since Sunday – anyone else would say they have a 5 o’clock shadow. I? I have a weeks growth shadow. So, you’ll all have to come visit me to see how good I’m looking! Or maybe I can convince someone to get a better picture of me.

Other than this bit of news, there really isn’t a lot to pass on. I just had to brag!

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