In Which I Spew Numbers

These past six weeks have been tough since I last wrote!

First of all, there’s been getting used to Scott’s absence during the week. All three of us (Ixchel, Dakota & I) miss having him around. Dakota appears convinced that it is my fault that Scott is gone, so she refuses to sleep in the bedroom with me during the week. But she still loves me… she shows it! Ixchel spends most of the week watching the door and jumping and running to the door every time a car door shuts within ear shot. And I, well, I mope. But not much.

At my June doctor visit, I learned, much to my total lack of surprise, that my blood sugar was way too high. For those who do not know diabetes, there is a test that is done every quarter to every 4 months called a Hemoglobin A1c, or A1c for short. This reading is kind of a map or marker of blood sugar over the past 90 days. You can’t fool it by fasting for a day or two. If the reading is below 5.5%, you generally are considered not to be diabetic, though there can be exceptions. If it is 5.5 – 6.5%, you are generally considered diabetic, but under good control… doctors want to see you in this range (some doctors have a higher limit, mine does not.) And if you are over 6.5%, your numbers are too high, and some doctors will say “out of control”.

My doctor assures me that every day my A1c is over 6.5%, some part of my body is being damaged. Last summer, my A1c was 7.4. In October, I had gotten it down to 6.9. By March it was on the climb to 7.5.

And on June 17, it was at 7.9%. I got a stern lecture which started off: “Lose weight! You’ve been bad. Did you even try?” And of course, I could but answer “No.”

He put me on a new medication in addition to what I was already on, and told me I had to limit my carbs to 60g per meal, non-cumulative (I can’t eat 30 for breakfast, 30 for lunch and 120 for dinner.) And so, things have changed. My favoritist thing in the world is bread. I love all forms (especially sweeter ones) and can eat baskets at mealtime. No more bread for me. 🙁

I launched in to this with determination. If 60g per meal was good, 45 must be better. Or less, when possible! Since 6/17/16, my carb intake has generally been under 100g per DAY. My fasting blood glucose level (BGl) had been over 150 (this is my daily blood test which I take after waking up, before eating). It is now down around 100 (this morning it was high at 127.) And my 2 hour post eating BGl which was generally over 170 is now rarely over 145.

And… I’ve lost weight! I’m down from 218.8 on the day of the doctor exam to 204.9 today. With a daily caloric intake of generally less than 1750 per day, and a daily calory burn of generally over 2400, I should continue to lose.

Oh, and of course I walk. That hasn’t changed much, except I no longer allow myself “a day off”, or “a couple of days off” from the regimen. I have to walk no less than 2 miles per day (per my own determination). I normally walk 2.5 miles up to 3.0 miles, and “a day off” now means I walk only 2.0 miles.

The third event of my past six weeks is Scott and I had to say goodbye to a member of our family… yup, our 2004 Buick Century which had been my Dad’s car, until we had to ask him to stop driving in 2008, gave up the ghost. It was worth about $600, and needed over $3,000 in work. So we paid our respects, said our farewells and traded it in for a 2016 Hyundai Sonata. It was a mercy trade in. The dealer was going to scrap it! Isn’t she a beaut!?!?

2016 Hyundai Sonata
2016 Hyundai Sonata

Item 4, we drove our new car to Edmond, OK, for the Hays Family Reunion! We had a wonderful time, so it didn’t really add to the “tough” descriptor of these past 6 weeks.

And last but not least are the final two “toughs” in our life: Scott is in Scottsdale this week for a USDA New Employee Seminar (tough on both, me because he’s away without me, and on him because… Scottsdale in July! ‘Nuf said! And his HR Department messed up his Direct Deposit, so we are now 4 weeks into his employment without any pay. Our budget is blown, and our savings is rapidly approaching 0. Grrrrr!

And that, dear family and friends is the past 6 weeks in a nutshell.


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