Scott Is Moving Out

HA! That got your attention, didn’t it!?! Well, it’s true. Sort of. So, as with any tale, I better go back to the beginning.

As some of you may know, in April Scott applied for an Internship with the USDA Forest Service at Lincoln National Forest, as an archaeologist (what else?). He was one of three to apply for this particular internship, and he got it. He’s just about as excited as a boy on Christmas Eve! He was also selected for another internship, but turned the second one down because it pays far less, AND it is much further away (up near Santa Fe), and it is less related to his career goal.

It’s taken the better part of the past month and a half for all the details to get worked out, and for the federal bureaucracy to move at it’s normal, glacial pace. He begins June 13. And, so, he will be moving out on June 11.

The commute from the Forest Service office in Alamogordo to our home is 1 hour 25 minutes each way, and a total of 78 miles, each way. Into the sun each direction. It’s a hard drive, and while beautiful, there is a stretch over to the east of the Organs that is brutally boring, in spite of the beauty.

On Memorial Day, Scott, his mom, and I spent the late morning and afternoon driving over to Alamogordo and picking out a good place for Scott to live over there. We’re moving the RV over there, and our plan is for Scott to drive over on Sunday evening, or perhaps Monday morning, work through the week, staying at the RV, then come home on his weekend.

The thing is we don’t know when his weekend IS. The former intern worked 10 days on, with a weekend of 5 days. Scott’s schedule still hasn’t been worked out. If he works a standard week, then most of the time, he’ll come home on the weekends. If he works longer, like 10 or more days, he’ll still come home on his weekends, but on MY weekends when he is still working, I’ll load up the girls (Dakota & Ixchel) and drive over and spend the weekend with him.

It’s an adventure in our life together. I am not overly thrilled with the separation, but excited as heck for Scott and for the opportunity this affords.

In the meantime, there are lots of repairs for the trailer. It has sat unused for 3 years since we arrived here. We have to get it registered here, and it needs 4 new tires, with hub caps. The water heater needs work, possibly replacing. It needs a new battery. The exhaust fan in the bathroom was shattered in our recent hail storm (May 19th). And the big one is, that we need to repair the siding on it. The siding was damaged several years ago, and we have held it together, literally, with Gorilla Tape! But 3 years in the hot sun and dry climate of Las Cruces has rotted the tape, so we have to figure out some other option. These are expensive repairs, and 3 years of living on a single salary has taken it’s toll on our finances. I really don’t want to go anothe $1500 in credit debt, but we have to. With some luck, we may be paid off by the end of 2016.

So, yes, Scott is moving out, but it’s not the end of Eric & Scott! Just a new chapter in our life.

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