Oh To Breathe

This morning, upon arrival at my office, I was greeted by an email from our Maintenance Personnel. It’s the kind of announcement that I suspect one would ONLY receive at NASA:

There will be a site-wide breathing air outage on Thursday, 3/17/16 through Friday, 3/18/16

Presumably, we are expected to hold our breath for the entire day. But, hey, we’re NASA… we can do that!

In other news, I am now entering week 4 of combatting the remnants of that Upper Respiratory Infection. Still coughing, sore throat. I suspect the rise in pollen as well as the dust getting kicked up by the winds is exacerbating the issue. All this is an inconvenience, but nothing more. Holding my breath for 10 hours on St. Patrick’s Day. THAT is a major problem!

My plan to get back to walking is proceeding in fits and starts. Four good walks last week, and then blisters on my toes. So, in addition to the rest, I’m going to have to go see a podiatrist. Not just because I have blisters, but because I get SO MANY blisters! Getting annoying, this is… but not as annoying as having to hold my breath on St. Paddy’s Day.

Other than that, life is pretty good! Our Mudder is home and doing very well! We’re happy for that. Our Dakota is coming out of her shell. She loves to dance and prance on our walks, loves getting love from me… the ogre. And she likes to tease Ixchel! Bet SHE won’t have to hold her breath on St. Pat’s!

And so, another report, another week. I think I’ll organize a “Let’s Breathe! Party” on 3/17. We can go down to “The Game”, and, oh, I don’t know. I’m told it’s better to hoist a pint or two on St. Patty’s Day than it is to breathe, anyhow.


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