Best Laid Plans

This will be a short post, I think.  But I wanted to bring everyone up to date on the past 6 or 7 weeks.

After New Years, Scott and I flew to Washington DC for the 2016 Society for Historical Archaeology convention.  We got to see a little of the city, taking the first two days for sightseeing.  A friend of mine from my TD Ameritrade days, Joanne Seyl, joined us for this first day of wandering.  Of course, it was the coldest day of our visit, and very blustery.  We took a tour of the Capital Building, then wandered over to the National Museum of Native Americans (a Smithsonian Institution museum).  Most tour sites and the tour guide at the Capital said they would have the best food in the area, and I suspect they were right.  We toured the museum, ate lunch, then continued our stroll down the Mall to the WWII Memorial.  This is a powerful memorial to what is probably one of the most defining moments of the 20th Century.  One inscription that is posted there really moved me in a way I would not have expected:


I think it spoke to me of the hunger of half the nation, at the time of the war, to be considered and treated as citizens, not property… or lessors.

The primary reason for our trip was for Scott to present his paper to the conference, which he did on the last day of the conference.

Unfortunately, our trip was marred by the reception of a phone call on Friday of our visit, informing us that Scott’s mother was in the hospital with viral pneumonia.  We were unable to arrange a trip home any quicker than our original schedule, so we stuck it out.  For the next two weeks, after returning home, it was touch and go with Mudder.  Truth told, when we saw her that first Sunday, I think we were all very uncertain whether she would survive, and we did come very close to losing her.  After finally being brought out of her coma, she was moved to a Rehab hospital for another week or so.  She is still doing out-patient rehab 2x a week.

During this time back, we experienced quite a bit of severe (for Las Cruces) cold weather.  My walking has taken a real hit.  And then, last Friday, I came down with a bad cold.  It took me until today to go to the doctor.  He’s got me on antibiotics and some really good narcotics.  I might actually get to sleep through the night tonight.  Coughing is killing me… I think I sprained muscles in my stomach last night!

The really bad thing that is going to come of this is I sincerely doubt, now, whether or not I can participate in the Bataan this year.  We are supposed to be doing a “Pre-Qualifying” 16 mile walk this Friday that I simply cannot do, and honestly, I haven’t gotten any walks longer than 5 miles in in over 2 months.  Even my chiropractor tried to talk me out of walking.

I guess that pretty well catches us up to date.  Keep well, friends!


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