Day 3 – Gallup to Barstow

AFter the last couple of days, today has been a nice, relaxing drive.  The sun has been shining the entire day, the temperature has been steadily climbing.  We’ve had relatively little wind.

We’ve been able to maintain a pretty steady speed of near 75 mph.  We’ve just passed through Needles, California, where we filled up.  Yesterday we averaged under 6 mpg, today 7.66… that’s a good day!

We’ve enjoyed the drive, so far.  We’re climbing the mountains to the west of Needles, right now.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been through here.  It’s nice to see the hills green for once, though.  I’m used to brown.  It is desert out here, after all!

Of course, by the time you all read this, we’ll have arrived in Barstow, and settled in for the evening.  I definitely think a nice walk is in order tonight!  I’t nearly 70 degrees out!  Wow!

A couple of hours later —

Yup, now we’re here.  The trailer is set up, and we’re relaxing.  Time for a shower!


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