Day 2 – Calamet, OK, to Gallup, NM

Hi, again!  Today’s journey was a long one!  654.3 miles to be exact.  I’ve driven longer, Scott and I once drove from Houston to Omaha without stopping except for gas and food.  But pulling a trailer 654.3 miles makes for a long day in my book.

We got off to a fairly early start, about 10 minutes later than I’d have liked.  At 8:10 we pulled out of the KOA and hit the road. 

Our first stop was in Elk City, where we visited Gene Smith, Inc. the Chevy, GMC, etc dealer in town.  Their technician came out, took a look, did a few magical things, uttered hocus pocus several times, then changed two fuses, and we were off.  Total cost of 15 minutes work?  $8.21 for the fuse!  We now had turn signals, brake lights, and the trailer brakes to assist with stopping!  Very important.

Todays’ journey was pretty straight forward.  Interstate 40 from the minute we started until we pulled off here in GAllup.  This isn’t to say it was uneventful.  Okay, it was uneventful.  Except for constant wind out of the north, which made it very hard going.  We had to keep our speed down to 60 to 65 mph to keep the trailer under control.

It snowed.  It rained.  It was sunny.  It was overcast & foggy.  Sometimes all of those in a 2 minute time span!

We got to Gallup at about 7, unhooked the truck, hooked up the trailer to water and electric and sewer, and now, we’re getting ready to think about bed time.  And that, my friends, family & other readers… is that!  Now for the story I promised you the other day: I promised you a look at our modern routine.  Of course, that really is a little harder than it sounds.  We travel in many ways, these days.  Sometimes, we travel by car alone.  Others we take the trailer.  Others we fly.  But currently, we’re on the road with our trailer, so that’s what you’ll get.


I have been conditioned to arise early.  Princess Nikki likes things just right, and that means at 5:30 a.m. we wake up.  Whether Daddy (that’s me) wants to or not!  This, coupled with Dad’s careful training, assures that when I’m on the road, I’m up at 5:30 a.m. every day.  I sneak out of bed, quietly dress, and slip into the main area of the trailer (the living room).  Thanks to modern technology, I pour myself a cup of freshly brewed coffee, then step outside to get some fresh air and enjoy the quiet of the great outdoors.  My cup quickly finished, I return to trailer, pour another cup of coffee and fire up the laptop.  I’ve carefully ensured that the campground selected for the night has WiFi for my internet connection.  I peruse my emails, favorite websites, and a bit of news.  At 6:30, if it’s a travel day, I pour my 3rd cup of coffee and another cup for Scott.  Scott isn’t like Mom.  He needs to be awakened.  I gently call to him and present him with his coffee as he joins me.

We eat a quick bowl of cereal with some toast, generally in silence unless there is some really interesting news, as it takes Scott a bit to fire up in the morning.  During this time, another pot of coffee is brewing.

Dishes are now washed, and the trailer put into “travel mode”… all things put in their places, the bed made, and breakables nestled in their protective nests.  The new pot of coffee is poured into the thermos, the brewer cleaned, and pot rinsed then nestled away.  While Scott is doing all this, I’m “breaking camp” carefully following the checklist to disconnect the hookups and hookup the truck. 

At 8 a.m., we’re on the road, if not a bit sooner.

And that is our daily routine!


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