Day 11 – Home in Council Bluffs

Well, our whirlwind tour is complete.  We are home.

Today was by far the hardest of days.  In the days before leaving Alamogordo for home, we were aware of a pending winter storm along our route.  However, reports we were watching implied that we’d probably encounter very little problem.  Ugh.  So much for reports and implications.

We arrived in Elk City on time as reported last night.  But as we watched the news after posting my last entry, it became clear bad weather was ahead of us.  We made the decision to take a short rest, then leave at midnight.

Midnight came, and sure enough the wind had died down, so we pulled out of the campground and headed east.  It was shortly after getting on the interstate that we remembered we didn’t have running lights OR taillights!  A passing semi alerted us to the fact.  We were determined, however, to proceed, so we turned on our emergency flashers and drove on. 

As we approached Oklahoma City, the sleet started, and the wind picked up again.  In Yukon, 102 miles down the road, we stopped for gas and realized we’d probably made a mistake, so we found a Target parking lot, and crawled back in to the camper and tried to sleep.  By now it was 3 a.m.

The wind rocked the camper and at times, I was sure we’d roll over!  But after an hour, at last I fell asleep.  We awoke at 6:00 a.m. and again hit the road.

Over the next 3 hours, we drove 80 miles to Perry, OK.  We stopped for breakfast, but then decided to keep on “truckin’”!  This far, our journey had been ice and snow, and very stressful.  I was actually feeling a little scared to get back on the road… but we did.  I’m glad!

Shortly after crossing in to Kansas, the weather and the road began to clear.  And, eventually, after 13 and half hours of driving, we arrived home!

As I sit here on my sofa, I still am feeling the motion of the road!  And I am SO ready for bed!

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