Day 10 – Alamogordo to Elk City

It is with a little disappointment that we left Alamogordo this morning at 9 a.m. (CDT)  Scott and I both really like spending time with Scott’s family.  His parents are fantastic people to just hang around with.  Terry and her two girls are a blast!  Eleanor is just about the cutest little bug you can imagine, and Bethany is such a bright girl… her intelligence is really a bit daunting.  I mean, come on!  An 11 year old girl whose favorite class is LATIN!!!!!

The day started off good.  We left Alamogordo at 8 a.m. (Mountain time) drove north to Tularosa, then cut over on US60 through Ruidoso, Roswell, and Clovis to Hereford, then north to Amarillo and finally to Elk City.

The first leg of the journey went fantastic, no wind, we made good time and just over 9 miles to the gallon!  That is fantastic!

However, from then on, the wind picked up and we made much less progress, averaging around 5.5 mpg.

We got to our little home-away-from-home about 6 p.m.  It’s quite a bit chillier here than it was in Alamogordo. 

We’re worried a bit about the storm screaming down through the Rockies, and on to the lower plains.  Omaha, I guess, isn’t supposed to get hit too bad, but it looks like we might be!

We’ll just have to see.  I really need to be home relatively early on Sunday, to prepare for this big week ahead!


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