Rendezvous2009 – Day 5

Saturday, August 8, 2009.  Wow, I can’t believe it is already Saturday!  Rendezvous is almost over!  How can that be?  We only got here a few hours ago, it seems!  On the other hand, it must have been longer ago than that, I’m exhausted!

This morning, the ladies came up around 8:30 or a little later.  Scott and I cooked breakfast this morning… scrambled eggs, sausage and potatos.  We didn’t spend as long a time chatting today as we all had to be at camp central for the worship service that MCC Omaha puts on here.  Frankly, I didn’t think it was too well attended.  Certainly not as well as last year.  But we did a great job!  The 8 of us from MCC Omaha were joined by maybe a half dozen from MCC Family In Christ, from Fort Collins, Colorado.

As soon as the service was over, Scott and I drove in to Cheyenne to find a WI-FI spot so that he could take his final exams.  We’re sitting in the Cheyenne public library right now… which is the only reason we are able to post these blog entries!

Once we’re done here, we’re off to get water for the trailer… we’ve run out! 

Watch back late Sunday or perhaps Monday for the final posts on Rendezvous.  There are a number of factors that may impact our ability to get home on Sunday.  So don’t be concerned if we’re not home until mid Monday!


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