Rendezvous2009 – Day 3

Thursday, August 6, 2009.  Last night was a bit more eventful!  Around midnight a thunderstorm blew in, rocking the trailer even worse than the awning the last evening.  The lightning and thunder were absolutely awesome!  Our outdoor shower room blew down, the camping fly that we set up blew over and everything outside got soaked.  Yet, plastic cups and a few light things that were setting on the ground didn’t even move!

Today has been a totally lazy day… the way campouts are supposed to be!

We were up at 7:15.  About 9, the ladies joined us (Cindy, Juline, Susie and Linda) and cooked breakfast (Susie & Linda today)  We had magnificent breakfast burritos.  After they left, about noon, Tom got ready then set off on a 20 mile bike ride.  Scott and I and Ray napped.

At 3, another thunderstorm moved in, knocking down the shower and camp fly again.  Tom arrived back in camp about a half hour after the start, soaked and muddy.

About 6 p.m., Tom prepared dinner.  A white chili.  I guess they bought jalapenos instead of green chilis.  The chili was delicious, but too hot for Ray.  After dinner, Ray went down to “camp central” to watch some of the evening activities.  Scott, Tom and I remained at the camp and cleaned up then sat talking for a while.  About 8 we drove down to camp central then over to the girls’ campsite for a campfire chat and the essential s’mores. 

Not a lot is happening right now.  The “big stuff” begins tomorrow when most of the participants arrive.  Right now there are only about 70 people here.


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