Home Again

Scott and I arrived home last night about 7:30 p.m., absolutely worn out from the day’s drive.  The first 71 miles, from Limon, CO, to Brush, CO, along CO71 (I think) was not too bad.  Little did we know we were being pushed along by a strong tail-wind!

But once we hit I76 at Brush, we began to feel that wind, as now it was coming from our right, cross-wise to us.  From there until we reached Omaha almost 12 hours later, we fought every inch of the way, except for a few portions of I80 between Lincoln and Omaha.  The wind was so bad that we had to drop our speed from the posted 75 mph to between 55 and 60.  Neither of us could manage more than about an hour behind the wheel at any time.  So, we had more frequent stops. 

Also, for most of the trip across Nebraska, the wind was from the south east, which meant we had a cross-wind AND a head-wind to deal with, so we drank large quantities of gasoline… that meant more stops.

It was good coming home.  We didn’t really want to leave New Mexico.  It was beautiful in every way.  Even the days of dust storms in Alamogordo were beautiful in the eerie quality they bestowed.  I’d have given anything to be able to stay one more day, and one more day, and one more day.  But of course, real life had to intervene and force us home.

But coming home to our little Miss Nicki was a joy.  And sleeping in our own bed was marvelous!  I’d go again, and come home again, just for those experiences.  I do think, though, for our next vacation, Miss Nicki will join us!

Now, the cleaning begins.  Lots of laundry to get caught up on.  A house that seriously needs major work!  Dusting, straightening, sweeping, mopping.  A resume to complete… and oh yes, today’s meeting with the recruiter for a potential new job!  I’m so looking forward to that!  It’ll be my first application, and I know one seldom gets hired on the first application… but it’s a job that would fit me perfectly!


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