Day 9 – Alamogordo

Again, sorry for not posting last night.

Sunday morning was a time for putting the trailer in order.  Dishes needed washing, the floor needed sweeping. A little vacuuming, some counter washing… that kinda thing.  About 1, we drove over to M&Ps to meet up with Scott’s brother Ray… I mean George… no, it’s Ralph… uh… Mark!  That’s it!  Mark! (An inside joke, sorry.)  Mark, his wife Julie, and two of their 4 children were supposed to be there a little before 5.  They were driving from Hobbs, about 4 hours east of here.

At quarter to 3, we got a call that they were just leaving!  That meant that they wouldn’t be here until nearly 7.  But once they arrived we all had a great evening of chatting and joking around. 

And that, was Sunday, Day 9 of our saga.  Today, Day 10, we take the trailer down to Las Cruces.  Not sure what more to add.  Tonight’s post (or tomorrow morning’s, depending on how today goes) will probably also be short and photoless.


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