Day 8 – Chillin’ in Alamogordo

Hey all,

Today was a slow day.  We got going about 10, then headed over to Mudder & Pops for the day.  There we sat and chatted all day, while I did laundry.

After the laundry was done, Scott and I returned to the camper to put our clothes away.  Then it was back to Mudder & Pops and off to dinner.  Back to M & P for coffee, and here we are.  About to call it a night!

We have decided to remain in Alamogordo until Friday morning, and do a series of day trips from here.  Monday will be another “boring” day, as we’ll be taking the trailer down to Las Cruces for some repairs.

Love you all!  Miss you.  But don’t ever want to come back home!  (Ok… I’m kidding.  Kind of.)


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