Day 4 – Tijeras to Silver City

Yowser!  What a day!

Before I launch in to today’s activities, I want to make it clear that Scott and I ar having a fantastic time!

That said, today has been a bit of a challenge.  I awoke at 5:30 a.m. to the marvelous sound of brewing coffee (we have it set to start automatically.)  And a very cold trailer, in spite of the running furnace.  By 7 a.m. when Scott got up, I was frozen.  No heat.  And did I mention that the water heater didn’t work yesterday?  So, we decided to forget the shower and get going.

p3170001We took back roads pretty much the whole way, south to Mountainaire then west to Bernardo, down to Socorro, then via the VLA (Very Large Array) and on to Silver City.  It was a hard drive, mostly two lane.  But absolutely gorgeous!  Some of those two lanes were pretty rough!p3170003

But the REAL fun began on our arrival at the KOA here in Silver City at 5:30 tonight.  Scott opened the trailer to discover that at some point in the trip, our fire extinguisher had discharged!  There was fine fire retardent powder EVERYWHERE!!!  Imagine a 10 pound bag of flour exploding in a space 10 foot by 20!  We’ve wiped and swept and vacuumed and pounded and then done it all over again!  We didn’t think to photograph it!  It took us 2 hours to clean up!  And to be honest, I think we’ll need to do it again tomorrow.  And very likely 1 or 2 more times on this trip.

p3170005So, no cooking for us tonight!  We ate at a very nice little restaurant in town, the Jalisco Cafe… yup, Mexican food!

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