Day 10 – Las Cruces

Good evening all!

Today, Scott and I awoke early (for vacation that is) at 6:30, hooked up and set off for Las Cruces.  As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been without hot water since Day 2.  We dropped the camper at the service center in Las Cruces, then drove around.

We stopped at La Mesilla, the early capital of Arizona and New Mexico.  Billy the Kid spent some time there.  The old Plaza is a nice little shopping area, lots of art galleries.  After about 40 minutes there (many stores aren’t open yet because tourist season hasn’t begun, we drove up to Las Cruces, about 3 miles away.  We drove around a little looking for an outdoor mall Scott remembered from his years here, but it’s gone.  About that time, we got a call that the camper would be ready in an hour, so we stopped for lunch at a nice Mexican restaurant “My Brother’s Place”.

When lunch was done, we went and picked up the trailer then began the hard drive back to Alamogordo.  This part of New Mexico was experiencing severe wind storms, and driving was difficult to say the least.  The skies are brown with the dust kicked up.

We spent the rest of the afternoon just kind of lazing about, then went to dinner with M&P.

Now we’re watching the news reports about the storms back home!  Yuck, you guys!  I sure hope you all came through with little problem!

Back to seeing the sites tomorrow, so there’ll probably be pics tomorrow night!

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