Day 1 – Council Bluffs to Elk City

That’s Elk City, Oklahoma, about 112 miles west of Oklahoma City on Interstate 40.

No pictures today… it was mostly a travel day.

We had hoped to get going by 7 a.m.  And we actually succeeded.  We arrived at the storage are at 7 sharp, and after a quick hookup, we were on the road by 7:30 a.m.  The day started out a bit cold, about 28 degrees.  After we got to Kansas, it started to warm up.  By the time we reached Elk City, it is now 68 degrees. Yay!

There really isn’t much to report on, though.  We drove.  And drove.  And drove.  About 640 miles.  And then, we got here!  Our route took us west on I-80 from Council Bluffs, to York, NE.  From York, we headed south on Rte 81 to Salina, KS where we picked up I-135 to Wichita.  From Wichita to OK City, we were on I-35, then caught I-40 to Elk City.  As I said… not much really to report.

We are listening to a really cute book on CD… good too.  It’s called Dog On It.  It’s about a Private Investigator and his partner, a dog… as told from the dog’s perspective!  Cute, but not as sickeningly cute as it COULD have been.  Just the right amount of “doggyisms”, without going to the childish.

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