A moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime,
For a moment like this
Some people search forever,
For that one special kiss
Oh, I can't believe it's happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime,
For a moment like this

(Songwriters: John Reid & Jorgen Eloffson)

Time. Ever try to grasp the concept of time? It's hard really. Especially if one tries to comprehend it within the framework of Quantum Physics. But that's a useless effort, at least for me. I barely understand Quantum Physics, how am I going to comprehend Time within the framework of Quantum Physics? Okay, I don't even barely understand Quantum Physics. It's a phrase to me. One that makes my brain go boing. It has to do with energy and the like.

The theologian Anselm, somewhere around the beginning of the twelfth century, give or take a decade... or two... wrote about time in relationship to God. His argument went something like this (don't hold me to it): Time limits all things in it. If God exists in time, then God is limited. But God is not limited. Therefore, God does not exist in time. But God does exist (see his great Ontological Argument). So, time must exist in God.

Go wrap your head around THAT one! The extension of his argument about time is that if time exists IN God and not the other way around, then for God, all is NOW. I like that. For God, Now the world is created. For God, Now the world ends. For God, Now is anything that ever has happened or ever will happen.

In Physics, time, current time, began at the big bang, and is a dimension of measurement used to relate to all things in the universe... or something like that... it all confuses me. Where I'm TRYING to get to is this. Time began roughly 14 billion years ago (forgive me if I'm off by a billion or so... it doesn't matter. Really! It doesn't!)

However one looks at it, though, unless one looks at time solely through the lens of a human lifetime, a human lifetime is really just a moment in time. I mean, what's one century (I'm being generous with a human lifetime here) when this planet has been around 46,000,000 centuries? Four point six billion years (again, forgive me if I'm off by a few hundred million.)

Where, you might ask, am I going with all this stuff about time? I'm not sure really. I think I knew when I started but I've lost the thread, I think. Oh. Yes. It's this. Our lives are but a moment in time, and any phase of our life is but, really a moment within that moment. The moments of our life add up to a lifetime. Throughout that life time, we are in motion, from the beginning of our life to the end. Whether that motion is spacial or temporal (do you want me to go in to the meanings of those? Really?! After reading the above five paragraphs?) we move. We journey.

It's a mystery, really, a mystery of Life... and the Mystery of life... how this all comes together. Fourteen years ago (shall I break that down in to a fraction of earth's existence? or times?) that Mystery of life brought Scott Hays and I, Eric Strom, together.

During the time we've journeyed together we've shared each other's presence. Each other's joys, and good news. We've shared each other's sadnesses and bad news. Through deaths of family members, hirings, layings off, awards, rejections, births of family members, we've shared. We've been there in sickness and in health. We're married, long before any organization married us, we're married. We were joined together by the Ultimate Mystery... God. We were joined together by our church when it seemed that any recognition of our relationship would never happen. We were joined together by the country of Canada when that nation "granted" marriage rights to same sex couples. And Now, we have been joined together by the state of Iowa. Yes, on Saturday, June 13, 2009, Scott Hays and Eric Strom became Scott and Eric Hays-Strom!

Some people wait a lifetime,
For a moment like this

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